SOUTH-FUTURE OIL SERVICES COMPANY attaches a very significance to HSSE rules and requirements .Our most concern and longed-for target is to keep People, environment, property safe and full secure working atmosphere. In accordance to all that contained in HSSE POLICY AND PROCEDURE issued by CLIENTS and depend on HSSE commitment we actually express high commitment and fully abiding to all rules , conditions , procedure required by CLIENTS . Prior to commencement for any work our company will have to set a detailed plan to ensure that everything is in place , every single point must be prepared and checked before it to be utilized . So, our plan for having free injury, accident, incident project will be as follows:-

We will use the brief following aids for spreading the concept in working environment.

1-Training & Educational Aids (lectures, seminars) 2-Tool Box meetings 3- Daily & Weekly meetings 4-Using Stop-cards system by all personnel. 5- Follow up and checking by HSE site supervisors 6- Best Advice & Control By Client Plans

So, our plan for having free injury, accident, incident project will be as follows:-

Definitely and no doubt educational seminars , training , lectures will be useful aids for educating our personnel how to protect themselves and their equipments , tools , property and environment .Despite that we are doing much efforts by training system and helping all working staff to keep HSSE perfectly applied and due to our pre-executed project , we gained much better concept of HSSE and our HSSE team doing very good job embedded in tools box meetings , stop cards , safety training programs continuo follow up of application of these rule training programs including but not limited to (Safety driving , first-aid , firefighting , how to keep clean and safe environment …..etc)
Will as well set integrated safety training programs and will consult and utilize expert and certified trainers to fully advise our personnel (drivers, operators, skill labors and all remaining personnel) and have them all entirely aware of HSSE safety rules while they are on work position and in work-site.


A –Safety Driving Programs  B- First Aid programs   C- Risk Management    , D-Safe Job Analysis,

E- Incident Investigation and Reporting,      F- Training, Emergency Response and Management.


The HSSE team will be the basic point for accurate performance and application of HSSE system and rule with the company and Client SOUTH-FUTURE OIL SERVICES COMPANY has well-qualified team whose skills and their fully understanding of HSSE , we provide HSE manager and HSE supervisors at site .They carry out all matters , rules , regulations , audits , reports , training , HSE culture and education , follow up , control and they bear the full responsibility to keep the system at place and as per required by client and company . The use of safe work systems and operative tools: it is essential that all company employees are responsible for working in a safe way and hence to protect themselves, their colleagues and the environment; similar responsibilities must be undertaken by the selected associative companies and monitored their performance in the field of safety. In order to increase the level of awareness and for an effective prevention action a “culture of health, safety and the environment” will be actively diffused; As well as providing safe place controls to prevent accidents or to protect people from hazards, there will always be a need to provide safe person control to ensure that the physical control remain effective, to raise awareness and to increase protection of the individual.


1- Protective devices. 2- Safe system of work (defined procedure for tasks). 3- Permit to work system. 4- Training. 5- Provision of information. 6- Instructions. 7- Supervision. 8- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Preventive Measures such as

1- Vehicle brakes. 2- Machinery guards. 3- Local exhaust ventilation. 4- Storage cabinets for flammables. 5- Safety belts. 6- Protective clothing.

Journey Management

The following driving rules will be strictly enforced on Company’s concession: - All posted speed limits must be adhered to. - Seat belts must be worn at all times by all passengers and drivers. Headlamps must be switched on high beam during daylight hours when travelling on Company’s concession roads. During evening hours, normal headlight rules apply when driving. At camp and at the production facilities on the concession there is a "reverse parking" system, as all vehicles must be backed into their respective parking slot. Vehicles must be parked in such a way as to allow them to be driven forwards when leaving the parking place.


Driving is the most important factor for execution of any works so: 1 - Our vehicles and work equipments are entirely and legally registered and documented and have their full validation; they are equipped with all HSE requirements such as Seat Belts, Fire extinguishers first Aid Kits and other medical requirements, Communication facilities mobile phones and credit and charging sets, Most of our vehicles are fully mechanized to be used in any work condition, there will be a workshop for nonstop maintenance and service of all vehicles and work machines., All operators and drivers are completely indemnified and medically checked and tested and are free of all infectious diseases , they are well educated and have the full expertise to operate and drive all vehicles and equipments , They are fully aware of All HSE driving procedure how to control speed and how to carry out safely reverses and have all sense of responsibility to care taking all HSE procedures into Their full consideration .They are as well trained and can drive in all conditions and bear all Morales and honest principles



COMPANY‘S PERSONNEL are never ALLOWED to smoke in locations posted as "NO SMOKING"

Reporting Accidents/Injuries. 

There must be immediately report all accidents and injuries, no matter how minor, verbally to Company. 

Must as well submit a formal, written accident report to Company within twenty-four (24) hours of the accident or injury.

 Reporting Hazards, Unsafe Conditions and Near Misses

U nsafe conditions shall be immediately reported To Company. "Near miss" incidents that could have resulted in injury or damage shall be reported immediately by all personnel to Company in order to ensure corrective action is taken.  

A formal incident report must be submitted within 24 hours to Company.

Substance Abuse and Dangerous Materials

ANY of PERSONNEL who are in breach of the provisions of this HSE POLICIES shall be removed from the concession and performance of the Work. Drinking of alcohol or consumption of Drugs (except those that are prescribed by a qualified physician to treat a medical condition) is strictly forbidden in Company’s concession.


Horseplay, such as wrestling and practical jokes, etc., can be dangerous and is prohibited at the WORKSITES.

Head and Facial Hair Policy

All of COMPANY’S PERSONNEL working in areas where a respirator may be required for routine or emergency use are prohibited from wearing long hair, long sideburns, long mustaches, beards, Vandyke’s, goatees, etc., that will affect the safe use of a respirator .

Overhead Work

When working overhead, the area below shall be roped off or other equivalent measures taken to protect workers on the WORKSITE. Signs reading "Danger - Work Overhead" shall be conspicuously posted. COMPANY S PERSONNEL shall never pass under a suspended load.

Permit to Work System (PTWS )

We are to perform all potentially hazardous Work, including, but not limited to, hot work, confined space entry and control of potentially hazardous energy under the authority.AS we are quite familiar with such works.

Safety Equipment

Company provides adequate safety equipment of an Approved type and amount as is required for the performance of the Work. And company maintains this equipment in a professional manner as dictated by legal and general industry standards. In addition, we try our best to keep up-to-date records of all said equipment.


Work areas shall be maintained in a neat and orderly manner. Trash, oil spills, etc., must be cleaned up as soon as possible. Aisles, emergency exits, and controls must be kept free of materials at all times. All wastes are to be properly and safely disposed of.

Clothing and Other Apparel

Clothing suitable for the job shall be worn. Long pants and shirts or coveralls shall be worn at all times during the performance of the Work. Ragged or loose clothing and jewelry (rings, watches, necklaces, etc.) are not to be worn when operating equipment. Any clothing that becomes saturated with petroleum products or hazardous chemicals should be promptly removed and safely discarded. ONLY P.P.E ARE AND WHEN ON WORK TIME SHOULD BE WORN

Safety Harnesses and Lifelines

Full body safety harnesses and lifelines ARE supplied by COMPANY and worn by all workers when working above six feet (6') where it is impractical to provide adequate work platforms.

Fire Protection

Any unauthorized use of this equipment for any other purpose other than intended use is forbidden. Company provides fire protection equipment appropriate for the Work being performed.

Safety Meetings

Regular safety meetings should be held and pre-job "Tool Box" meeting programs should be established. Such safety meetings should be documented and copies forwarded to Company’s Representative at worksite.

Vehicle Safety Equipment

a) COMPANY vehicles based on the concession area shall be fitted with speed governors which limit the speed of the vehicle to 80 km/hr a) All light duty vehicles coming onto the concession must be equipped with a roll bar. b) All vehicles must have functioning headlights, brake lights and tail lights working and functional seat belts provided. c) All vehicles travelling during daylight hours must use high beam headlights.